A fair solution to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle that swallowed the great ships and planes! What is really going on?

I think everyone has heard of the mysterious place on earth called the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, it covers the sea between Florida Point, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

The specialty of this area is the disappearance of the aircraft and ships passing through it. Also, the messages received before the disappearance stated that the guiding equipment, compasses, etc. suddenly did not work properly. How can such a thing really happen?

There have been various opinions for some time about what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle. At the same time, there were suggestions that sudden weather changes, major hurricanes, as well as the impact of alien life. However, there was no evidence to prove anything. But today, scientists have been able to find out what caused the disappearances. Before we talk about what that means, let us know a little bit about the disappearances that took place there.

Known as the site of mysterious events from time immemorial, the earliest records of this area date back to 1492 in the writings of Christopher Columbus aboard the ship St. Mary. He said that on the night of October 11, mysterious lights were seen passing by the area. Then, in 1800, for the first time, a ship carrying about 90 people disappeared.

In 1814, a ship with 140 people on board went missing. Many such incidents have been recorded. Although it is safe to assume that ships at sea can often be wrecked by storms, some of the later incidents were not caused by storms. Similar shipwrecks continued to be recorded in the early 20th century, but almost all of them were considered accidents due to storms or technical faults.

The first plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle was reported in 1945, when five US Air Force torpedoes disappeared simultaneously over the area. Everyone could not understand why the planes that were exchanging messages at the airport using radio waves suddenly stopped communicating. We waited for a long time but the planes did not arrive at the airport.

As a result, another plane was on its way to find them. The plane also failed to send messages as it approached the area, and suddenly disappeared in the area above the Bermuda Triangle. Although an investigation was carried out to find the missing aircraft with this incident, no news was received about those 6 aircraft again.

One incident in 1967 marked the mysterious disappearance of vessels in the area, even on storm-free days. That is the sudden disappearance of a private vessel that was passing through this area. This year, a wealthy businessman sailed a short distance from Florida to see the Christmas fireworks display.

However, he immediately sent a message to the Coast Guard requesting that a vessel be sent to tow the vessel as it was suddenly out of order. About 20 minutes later a Coast Guard boat arrived at the scene but no vessels were seen there. The weather was so good that no one could have imagined the loss of anyone here, even if the boat had sunk and no one on board would have survived.

As the disappearances continued to be reported after these events, a map of the locations showed that all of this had taken place in an area close to Bermuda. Therefore, this area later came to be known as the Devil’s Triangle (Bermuda Triangle).

Technology has improved over time, but no one has been able to explain why these things happened. The last shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle was the El Faro cargo ship that went missing on October 1, 2015. The ship, which went missing en route from Florida to Puerto Rico, was found on the seabed after a 30-day search operation.

The University of Colorado in the United States has commissioned a panel of scientists from around the world to investigate what happened in this mysterious area following the El Farrow incident. He carried out this investigation by examining all the opinions regarding it. They scrutinized all the data, including satellite imagery, to check the weather in the region on the last messages received from planes and ships and on the day of the accident, and found that almost every day there was a special weather condition that caused the accident.

In those days, the clouds in this area had a distinctive hexagonal shape and were as large as 20 to 55 km. Normally clouds do not have this kind of straight edge shape. At the end of these special hexagonal clouds in the area, they discovered that the wind was blowing down at speeds of 100 to 120 kilometers per hour.

It has been observed that the strong wind blows rapidly on the surface of the water, causing rapid waves up to 50 feet high. They tested this using a computer module. Scientists say that since this module is a computer module that successfully predicts the weather, there is really a high chance of this happening in the Bermuda Triangle. However, no research has yet been found to confirm how this happened.

This is the current theory that justifies scientific and physical evidence by following the physical laws of the mysterious behavior of the Bermuda Triangle, which has remained an unsolved mystery for decades. This means that vessels in the sea may sink and the planes may crash into the sea at the same time due to rapid downpours or high tides caused by a sudden change in the weather in the area. It is not yet possible to explain how these hexagonal clouds form, which are confined to one area. Scientists say this is the solution to the Bermuda mystery until another reasonable solution is found or experimentally proven.

Just because a solution has been found does not mean that it is dangerous to cross that region. Recognizing this, on May 15, 2017, a private plane suddenly disappeared in the sky 24,000 feet high. Parts of the plane, which went missing from radar at the air traffic control center in Miami, were later found. In 2019, there were three plane crashes in the region, and on August 8, 2019, a Piper PA-32 crashed 20 miles into the Bimini East Sea.

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