Amazon has launched their latest cloud gaming service called Amazon Luna

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Service was introduced by Google about a year ago. Since then, there have been various reports that Amazon has also turned their attention to cloud gaming. Amazon has now launched their cloud gaming service, Amazon Luna. Currently only Early Access is provided here and this will be officially released soon.

Amazon Luna is a gaming streaming service just like Google Stadia. It can stream games on PC, Mac, Fire TV as well as iPhone / iPad via specialized web apps.

Amazon Luna currently has over 100 games like Control, GRID, Abzu, Panzer Dragon, Sonic Mania, Metro Exodus, Overcooked 2, Rime. Ubisoft has provided Assassins Creed Valhalla, Fenyx Rising and other games to Luna through their own channel.

Currently Luna + and Ubisoft are two channels available and Luna + is available for $ 5.99 per month. Ubisoft is not yet released and will be released in the near future.

With Luna + Subscription, you can play unlimited gameplay for 1080p / 60fps for all games for a month and 4K in the future.

Amazon Luna has also introduced their own Game Controller. Unlike other game controllers, it does not connect via Bluetooth or Local Connection, and this Luna Controller connects directly to Amazon servers. This reduces the delay through the controller to 17-30 milliseconds. Also this controller can be Pick & Play without pairing. Voice Commanding facility is also provided through Alexa. They have priced this Luna Controller at $ 49.99.

Only Luna Early Access has been granted yet and it is not yet known when this will be released publicly.

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