Indian company launches FAU-G replacement game after government bans PUBG

A few days ago, the Indian government banned the use of 117 other Chinese apps in India, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Accordingly, Apple and Google yesterday removed PUBG games from their AppStore and Google Playstore.

With this incident, Indian PUBG players have to look at other options. After removing Fortnite, which had the next level of graphics, from the Appstore and Playstore, Indian players had to resort to other options to play.

Indian video game maker nCore Games, which understands the current market space, is developing a PUBG mobile option called Fearless And United: Guards or FAU-G, the company’s founder Vishal Gondal said in a message posted on Twitter by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. has been.

According to Gondal, 20% of the net income from the game will be credited to a trust fund run by the Indian government, Bharat Ke Veer, on behalf of the Indian government. Akshay Kumar has also posted a statement on Twitter following this.

The FAU-G game is coming soon and we can learn more about this game there. It is reported that FAU-G uses the same graphics and mechanism as the graphics used in PUBG.

Some YouTube channels already publish some videos as FAU-G’s screen record, which are not FAU-G game play or trailers at all and have not yet been released on FAU-G.

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