After removing the Fortnite game from the AppStore, the included iPhones sell for $ 10,000 on eBay

You may remember that a few days ago we brought an article saying that we were working to remove the Fortnite Mobile Game from the Apple Store and Play Store.

The Fortnite game has been removed from Android devices as well as Apple devices. By removing this game from the Apple AppStore and Android Play Store.

Also, although it is possible to download and play this game for Android devices through the Epic Games website, it is not possible for Apple devices to download it through Unknown Sources. However, this game can be played without any problems through the Apple devices that are already installed.

There are people who liked this game too. Android users will not have a big problem but users of Apple devices will not be able to download this game again. So now those who like this game are looking to buy Apple Devices with this game.

For this reason, you can now see a lot of ads for sale on the iPhone with the Pre-installed Fortnite Game on eBay. However, the price of the Apple device that currently has the game installed is higher than the previous average listing on eBay.

Many iPhones with the Fortnite Game can be found on eBay for more than the average price.

The prices of an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Pro are as follows.

However, it can be said that this Fortnite Game App will solve the problem in the future. Until then, iPhone users will have to buy a pre-installed Uses iPhone if they want to play this game.

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