Make money, online multipalyer games that select the winner before the game starts

Invisible Dance of Algorithms. This is something related to Online Mutiplayer Games. But they can also be substituted for others.

There are no mathematical parts to this. It’s about a simple but complex dance.

This is about how an algorithm catches millions of people. From here I call this algorithm the server. This is not a single algorithm when I use the word.

Think 1 vs 1 multiplayer bat. Let’s call this an FPS game.

When one player starts a new match, the server finds the opponent.

How can the server find one for us?

He’s looking for certain factors and we’ll find someone. To be fair, he has to be at our level. His weapons must be at our level.

Then you can see a fair battle.

But it would be unfair for the server to deliberately select someone lower than us, would it not?

Now he comes to the topic exactly.

Predeterministic Match Making. (I don’t know how it comes in Sinhala. It means almost pre-set)

This means that the server knows the final results of each match before the match starts.

The reason is that the server has an infinite amount of knowledge about the game and its player skills.

So the server can continue to beat someone or keep winning. Or give any results you want.

The server knows that a player is more likely to lose if he or she is given a slightly more skilled player or a slightly higher level player.

This is why the majority of multiplayer games today are Predetermined games. That means the server knows the end result of the match.

Which of the following is an advantage to the server builder?

The advantage is Micro Transactions!

Everyone knows that the monologue in current games is Micro Transactions. That means you can buy something inside the game for a small price. For example, a dollar is like a skin to our player.

Then people will not just take these. Need some motivation. Predetermined Matchmaking is the server that gives that motivation.

And most of these games can be connected to Facebook or any other third party personal data collection.

Then the server has an idea about the probability that you will buy something.

Then the server will try to win you over. Then you are more likely to buy something cosmetics to show your level to others.

Or you may be tempted to buy a weapon upgrade by continuing to lose.

He is said to be dancing in an algorithm.

This means that the server contributes to you winning the match. And so is losing. If the server decides to beat you, it can never be stopped. If you win the hard one, the server will inevitably point you to the next hard one.

The server knows in advance that no matter what match you play, you will win and lose.

This is the game that is actively used by all the games in Super Cell including Clash Royale. This is just one example.

This is one of the reasons why personal data is the most valuable thing in the world today.

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