Apple and Google are removing Fortnite Mobile from the App Store and Play Store

Apple and Google are the two largest technology companies in the world. The special thing about this is that they have a huge smart devices market and they have individual device os. This allows them to control their devices from start to finish. A special place here goes to Apple because it is not open source. There are pros and cons to this.

However, banning the world’s leading mobile OS 2 iOS and Google, a well-known game making company, means that billions of devices will not have to download this software. It has a huge impact on consumers as well as app developers. Also, this is especially true of iOS because of the closed environment, which prevents apps from side-loading like on Google.

Like every coin has two sides, this is something the Epic Games or Fortnite developers deliberately did, deliberately breaking the regulations in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, using recent protests. This is because Apple and Google get 30% of their in-app purchases for apps like Fortnite in the Free to Play category. This is not something that only Apple and Google do. This is what game console makers like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox do.

Developers claim that they benefit from what they create, but on the other hand, they have the value of platforms to become world famous and reach billions. Without platforms like Apple and Google, they would never have been so popular that they would have given up space and forgotten where they came from, and if they thought that companies like Apple and Google would have to spend their money to build software and give money to others for free. And a selfish thing. However, it is you, the end users, who are ultimately embarrassed by this.

If the developers and the big company come to an agreement and reduce the fees fairly and do not procrastinate legally. Suppose it is convenient for anyone.

However, the best evidence that Epic Games is deliberately doing this is a 65-page indictment as soon as Apple banned Fortnite, as well as a very creative video and a campaign called #Freefortnite. Is to carry. However, if you think about it, Epic Games has done this on purpose with its fan base as collateral. It is unfortunate that they do not think of the inconvenience to their users.

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