Get Assassin Creed Educational Tours Greece & Egypt for free from Ubisoft

While everyone is scrambling to get GTA V, Ubisoft has given away something valuable for free. People who have played Ac Odyssey and Ac Origins have seen and known about this Discovery Tour. Ubisoft has decided to give this Discovery Tour away for free, as it is beautifully recreated with ancient sites and buildings in ancient Greece and Egypt. For those who want to claim this till 21st May, Click To Claim.

Here are the things we can see on the Ancient Greece Discovery Tour.

Travel through 29 regions and enjoy learning about the philosophy, Famous Cities, Daily Life, wars and Myths of Ancient Greece.

Things we can get from the Ancient Egypt Discovery Tour.

This includes 75 Historical Tours and we can learn about Life, Habits, customs and explore.

We can learn all this by riding a boat, climbing a pyramid, or climbing temples in Athens. Also, those who want to buy the two original games can buy them on Steam for between $ 14 and $ 19 at a time when there is a sale.

This is a good thing to do to get rid of boredom while the game is there.

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