About GTA V (Post Part 2)

As promised, GTA V Post Part 2 is here.

As mentioned in the previous post, there are 69 Main Missions apart from the Side Missions. There are also Side Missions. Be sure to finish the main story of the game and play it. There were different opinions about the cracks in the game when the game was cracked but now by 2020 we can see a lot of Proper Cracks.

If we talk about the story of the game, as mentioned in the previous post, Franklin, Trevor, Michaele are the main characters. At the end of the game, Franklin somehow becomes a money maker in Los Santos and Michaele’s family is reunited and the problems between Trevor & Michaele are solved. Destroy her in Final Missions. Respectively Franklin Trevor Michaele These guys get 3 missions at the end. After Devin kills all 3 of them together, the game ends.

However, the game with the greatest GTA story in our memories today is GTA V, which is definitely the game story and the main characters here are a big reason for that. Michael De Santa. Franklin Clinton. Trevor Philips. Lester Crest. Lamar Davis. Jimmy De Santa. Amanda De Santa Tracey De Santa This is the best set in the game. Those who have played the game will know who this is.

As a GTA fan, I would like to thank the Rockstar Company again and decide to stop giving a little rumor. Developments in GTA 6 are almost complete and we can expect the GTA 6 to be released in 2021.

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