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After the DMC 5 Post, I thought of bringing a new post for gamers. This is about a game that we all love and know about. It is about the latest game in the Need For Speed ​​Series, Need For Speed ​​Heat. Today I will tell you the basics related to the game in Post Part 2 I will talk about the end of the game and Story Missions. So without further ado, let’s get straight to work.

NFS Heat Game is developed by Ghost Games as we all know and it is published by Electronic Arts (EA Games). So what is NFS Heat? Here is what happens in the game.

As we have seen in many NFS Games, this is an Open World game based on the city of Palm City. This fantasy city is especially based in the Miami, Florida area of ​​the United States. Has been specially added to this

Locations like hilly areas as well as plantations. But for someone with an NFS Payback, this is a bit of a weird experience because it doesn’t have a 24-hour day-night cycle. We are given two options, Day Time or Night Time, you can choose the one you like and play. So what is Day Time And Night Time?

Day Time

Here I will Mainly tell you what we need to do during the day. At Day Time we can participate in Racing Events and collect things like Rewards, Cash and buy Cars as well as things like Upgrades at Day Time. Fully upgrade it and we have to go to Night Time (we must have upgraded the car to the level required for Race otherwise it will be difficult to win the Race)

Night Time

This is the time when the Dark Side of the game is shown. It is difficult to do this at night time. Because it’s really harder to race with Cops than Aggressive Cops at Night Time (Cops meant police). They come after us because we ride Night Race as Illegal Activities. So we have to collect the prizes from these Night Race Reps (Reps means Points that increase the Heat Level that we used to play with Cops in NFS Games.) Have to play with.

If we race with the Cops and get Escaped, we can earn the Reps we have collected (it will be clearer than we say when we play the game) We also have to remember this. We lose. Also in case of Escaped we can go to a Safe House and collect Reps.

In addition, we can view Side Missions as well as Activities throughout the map and through this we can get Cash Rewards. smashing billboards / beating scores on drift zones / passing the speed traps / long jumps / (Crew Time Trials help us get to the first place on the Leader Board of Street Racers in the city while covering events here). You can also see a lot of new things like Car Modifications that can be taken care of through this Heat Game. I am going to explain about that as the post goes on and on.

Be sure to post your comments about the post in the Comments section. Let your other friends know and share. If there is anything you want to know through Post Part 2, tell us about it. Good luck to everyone until we meet in a new post.

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