Learn about GTA 5 (Part 1)

I wanted to bring a post about GTA V to the gamers today too .. Even though it is a game that came a long time ago, it is still talked about by many gamers today so I am bringing this post to reflect on old memories. This game has managed to get a Top Rank even from IGN Ratings at a time when GTA V has become very popular not only in Sri Lanka but in almost every country. Rockstar deserves this full credit. Also thanks to the 3DM Team who first cracked this game and made it playable.

So let’s talk a little bit about the game. Nothing to say about the graphics. The game with the real graphics from GTA is for me. Also, the name Open World Game has done real justice to this GTA V Game so there is no need to gossip about it again. I think almost everyone who has played it understands because the biggest reason I can see is that a lot of the things we do in our daily lives can be done the same way in this game.

There are 69 Main Missions related to Game Story and only Thug Life Activities. You can play without boring as there are a few different missions. Today I am going to talk about the main characters in the GTA V Game, Trevor, Frankiln, Michale.

Franklin Clinton is an American Gangster Drug Deals Vehicle Repossession, etc … His main business is. He is a person who wears a fun clubing road and lives a fun life with his friends. Not too old compared to the other two, 27 years old, but not old enough to work.

Also, Trevor Philips is another character who came to Los Santos from Canada and works like Drug Deals, Gun running, Armed Robbery. He is a super character who is always angry but no one is afraid.

This is Michael De Santa who has a lot of responsibility in the fight. I have two children named Jimmy & Trecey. Former Film Producer. Now that Thug Life is set.

Today I am talking about the 3 main characters. I will bring Post Part 2 along with the story of the game.

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